Photo illustration of woman with migraine

Sex(ism), Drugs, and Migraines

One woman’s quest to end her pain. 


Egyptian scriptures from 1200 BCE describe painful, migraine-like headaches, so we know the disorder has afflicted people for at least three thousand years. Still, the condition continues to mystify us today.

Anne Hoffman is a reporter, a professor, and a chronic migraine sufferer. She spent the past year tracing the history of migraines, hoping to discover clues about a treatment that actually works for her. The journey took her in some interesting directions. One common theme she found? A whole lot of stigma.


Hosts: Alexis Pedrick and Elisabeth Berry Drago
Senior Producer: Mariel Carr
Producer: Rigoberto Hernandez
Reporter: Anne Hoffman
Photo illustration by Jay Muhlin
Additional audio production by Dan Drago


Theme music composed by Zach Young.
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