Ahoy, mateys. Join us on the ocean floor. On today’s show we look at sunken ships.

Episode 155 | September 4, 2012

Episode 155: Shipwrecks by Distillations Podcast

Landlubbers and seafarers alike, welcome to Distillations. On today’s show we’re scouring the ocean depths for buried treasure. We seek not gold, however; but instead the mighty hulls of ships that sank long ago but today can teach us much about science and history. First, sound recordist and audio producer Diane Hope presents a profile of Australian chemist Ian MacLeod, an expert in marine corrosion. Then Distillations’ associate producer Michal Meyer reveals what ancient shipwrecks reveal about the spread of civilization over the past three thousand years.

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01:35 Wrecked!
10:10 Undersea Time Capsules
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Special thanks to Diane Hope, Michal Meyer, and Anne Fredrickson for researching this show. 

For more information on Ian MacLeod’s work with sunken ships check out the websites for Western Australia's Maritime Museum in Fremantle and the Pearl Harbor National Park Service.Our theme music is composed by Andrew Chalfen. Music from the Free Music Archive includes “Salvage,” by Tony Higgins, “Ghost Science,” by Teeth Mountain, “Bistoon,” by Mamak Khadem, and “Samagaldai,” by Huun Huur Tu. Music from BMI includes “The Mollusk,” by Ween. Also featured is “Sailors Hornpipe Medley," by Charles Dalmaine, “Medieval Old Roman Chant - Offertorium: Terra Tremuit,” performed by Ensemble Organum, and “Farewell You Spanish Ladies,” performed by The Royal Navy.

Original illustration by Anthony Anthony. Reproduction courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.