Something in the Air

Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose? On this episode we look at allergies.

Episode 146 | April 27, 2012

Much of the population is afflicted with allergy symptoms but the cause of these reactions vary widely from person or person. Seasonal allergies are often related to pollen. Food allergies can result from exposure to everything from shrimp to peanuts. And then there are pet allergies, the first topic on today’s episode. We investigate why pet dander is prone to putting immune systems on attack. Then producer Gretchen Kuda Croen talks to a researcher about the dust library he’s compiling, which could prove valuable to scientists and health experts examining what particles in the air are prone to making us sick.


Special thanks to Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie for researching this show.

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Music from the Free Music Archive includes “Hungaria,” by Latché Swing, and “Rolands Vegners,” by Ergo Phizmiz & Margita Zalite. Thanks also to Heywood Banks for letting us use his song “Dustmites.”

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/cenzi7.