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Unexpected Stories from Science’s Past

Health & Medicine

Bodies, minds, and the things that help and harm them

Health & Medicine

Stress Baking and the Comfort of Connection

Baking homemade bread anchors us to millennia-long traditions.

Health & Medicine

Hashime Murayama and the Art of Saving Lives

A wildlife painter who ran afoul of xenophobic authorities during World War II found refuge and renewed purpose in the lab.

Health & Medicine

The Nurse Who Introduced Gloves to the Operating Room

Caroline Hampton and the forgotten origins of the first personal protective equipment.

Health & Medicine

The Story of Serum Therapy

How a 19th-century invention could save lives today.

Health & Medicine

Who Needs a Mammogram?

In the fight against breast cancer, entrenched interests and outmoded ideas may be hurting patients.

Health & Medicine

Medicinal Leeches and Where to Find Them

The rise, fall, and resurrection of the humble leech.

Health & Medicine

Old Drug Ketamine Offers New Hope for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Will stigma and cost undermine the therapy’s promise?

Color anatomical drawing of a mosquito
Health & Medicine

Our Oldest, Deadliest Foe

Tracing the immense misery wreaked by the mosquito.

Health & Medicine

Searching for Schizophrenia

In the late 1960s an international contingent of psychiatrists took up a monumental task: making schizophrenia mean the same thing to doctors around the world.

Health & Medicine

Smallpox and the Long Road to Eradication

It’s one thing to make a scientific discovery, but making it count is another thing entirely.

Photo of woman standing beside a lectern
Health & Medicine

Interview: Sangeeta Bhatia

The biomedical researcher talks about her work using nanotechnology to detect and treat disease.

Old botanical illustration of moths and chili peppers growing on plant
Health & Medicine

Heat Therapy

Humans have a masochistic love of capsaicin, a molecule responsible for the burn in hot peppers. That connection could be a key to pain relief.

Portrait of young man in shirt and tie in front of colorful background
Health & Medicine

The Death of Jesse Gelsinger, 20 Years Later

Gene editing promises to revolutionize medicine. But how safe is safe enough for the patients testing these therapies?

Health & Medicine

Exhuming the Flu

Remembering the Spanish flu 100 years later.

Health & Medicine

Probing the Mysteries of Human Digestion

The strange, sometimes sickening things we’ve done to understand what goes on inside our guts.

Health & Medicine

Opioids’ Devastating Return

The latest painkiller revival has left a trail of bodies, with no end in sight.

penicillin vessel
Health & Medicine

Old Brew, New Brew

Fermentation is the key to many of the lifesaving drugs we have today.

Health & Medicine

A Study In Scarlet

Warfarin started life as a rat poison, and for all its success the anticoagulant remains as dangerous as its origin suggests.