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Board of Directors

The Science History Institute’s Board of Directors is charged with fiduciary and policy oversight. Each member is identified here by one principal affiliation, past or present.

Daniel D. Adams

Robert G. W. Anderson
Science History Institute

Richard J. Bolte, Jr. (Chair)
BDP International

T. Bond Calloway, Jr.
Savannah River National Laboratory

Nancy T. Chang
Apex Enterprise Inc.

Peter B. Dervan
California Institute of Technology

Robert Fox
University of Oxford

Lewis E. Gasorek (Vice-Chair)
Listowel, Inc.

Eduardo D. Glandt
University of Pennsylvania

Ned D. Heindel
Lehigh University

Laurie J. Landeau
Listowel, Inc.

Peter B. Lederman
Peter Lederman & Associates

Frank Lipiecki

Fred A. Middleton
Sanderling Ventures

Babatunde A. Ogunnaike
University of Delaware

Louise Y. Palmer
Fairfield University

Gary D. Patterson
Carnegie Mellon University

Michael P. Ramage

Jeffrey L. Sturchio
Rabin Martin

Cheryl I. Teich
Dow Chemical Company

Peter Young
Young & Partners LLC