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Current Fellows

The Science History Institute is pleased to announce the 2018–2019 class of fellows. Fellows come from institutions around the world and study a vast range of topics in the history and social studies of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences.

Science History Institute Research Fellows

Ashley Bowen | Digital Engagement Manager; Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow

Joseph Klett | Research Fellow

Jessica Martucci | Research Fellow

Beckman Center Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellows

Rebecca Kaplan (ACLS Public Fellow, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting) | Cain Fellow
“Treating Animals: Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the United States during the 19th and 20th Centuries”

Ingrid Ockert (Princeton University) | Haas Fellow
“The Scientific Storytellers: How Educators, Scientists, and Actors Televised Science”

Beckman Center Nine-Month Dissertation Fellows

Kate Grauvogel (Indiana University) | Allington Fellow
“A Gendered History of Pathology: Women, Hormones, and Blood Clots, 1784–1969”

Spring Greeney (University of Wisconsin, Madison) | Visiting Fellow
“What Clean Smells Like: An Environmental History of Doing the Wash, 1841–1992”

Kit Heintzman (Harvard University) | Visiting Fellow
“Administering the Animal: Veterinary Education and the Making of the French Domestic, 1761–1814”

Lucas Müller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Visiting Fellow
“Toxic Relationships: Toxicity, Cancer, and Science in the Postcolonial World”

Julia Stone (Princeton University) | Cain Fellow
“Sweet Deception: A History of the Health Politics of Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners in the United States”

Beckman Center Short-Term Fellows

Bettina Bock von Wülfingen (Humboldt University of Berlin) | Allington Fellow
“Color: The Semiotics of Color in Scientific Diagrams (the Periodic Table and the Metabolic Map)”

Rocio Gomez (University of Arkansas) | Science History Institute Fellow
“Victors and Vanadium: Scientific Discovery during Mexico’s War of Independence”

Isabelle Held (Royal College of Art/Victoria and Albert Museum) | Doan Fellow
“The Bombshell Assembly Line: Military-Industrial Materials Research and the Syntheticization of Women’s Bodies in the United States, 1939–1976”

Alexandre Hocquet and Frédéric Wieber (University of Lorraine) | Otlet Fellow
“Software Packages in Computational Chemistry”

Colleen Lanier Christensen (Harvard University) | Ullyot Scholar
“Making Laboratory Practice “Good”: Negotiating Transnational Toxicological Standards for Chemical Testing (1971–2010)”

Michael J. Lansing (Augsburg University) | Doan Fellow
“The Cradle of Carbohydrates: Minneapolis and the Making of the World’s Food”

Lucia Lewowicz (University of the Republic, Uruguay) | Herdegen Fellow
“(Re)constructing and Disseminating Scientific Knowledge: Liebig’s Laboratory in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, and the Curious Case of the Industrial Fertilizer”

Sarah J. Reynolds (Indiana University) | Science History Institute Fellow
“Making Knowledge in the Laboratory: Intersections of Science, Philosophy, and Education in the Origins of American Laboratory Instruction”

Anthony S. Travis (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) | Science History Institute Fellow
“A Biography of the Chemist and Darwinian Raphael Meldola”