Good Vibrations

On today’s episode of Distillations we investigate the science of sweet sound.

Episode 136 | December 9, 2011

Episode 136: Good Vibrations by Distillations Podcast

Lend us your ears! On today’s show, Distillations offers front-row seats to learn more about two very different musicians whose work is frequently analyzed through the lens of science. First, we chime in on the long-standing debate over what makes Stradivari violins sound superior to all others made before and since.  Then we learn how the elements serve as muse for sound artist Susan Alexjander, whose work was featured in the CHF's past exhibit Elemental Matters.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Introduction
01:18 Strad Secrets?
08:13 Interview: Susan Alexjander
16:41 Closing Credits


Music in this show featured “Sequencia” and “Elements as Tone” by Susan Alexjander and “Le Petit Jardin” by Lee Maddeford. The recordings of Stradivari violins came from instruments played by Eric Grossman and Itzhak Perlman. Special thanks to Mia Lobel for researching this show, and to the Free Music Archive, an open source for free and legal music and audio downloads.