Early Science & Alchemy

The Alchemical Quest

On today’s show, a special conversation between two alchemy experts.

Episode 158 | October 15, 2012

Episode 158: The Alchemical Quest by Distillations Podcast

Alchemists were long the butt of scientists’ jokes, thanks to their foolhardy attempts to turn base metals into gold and identify a source of immortality. But in recent decades that scorn has faded. Instead, historians of science point to the incredibly practical—and incredibly important—discoveries these proto-chemists made while pursuing their more dubious goals. On today’s show we spotlight two alchemy experts in discussion about this perspective shift. CHF’s rare book curator James Voelkel, who created the exhibit The Alchemical Quest, sits down with his colleague and old friend Lawrence Principe, author of The Secrets of Alchemy

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Special thanks to James Voelkel for researching this show. 

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